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Why is Tony Montana laundering money at the bank?

That was not happening in the real life of the 1970s and 1980s. Cocaine drug dealers wash money by buying many expensive things, including cars, ships, planes, and real estate. They also founded businesses and took on various virtual expenses to launder money.

A bank manager who relies on corruption is actually a very simple way to hide money. Of course, as long as no one looks at it, it can work. Once the FBI begins to suspect this seemingly ridiculous guy, he owns all these beautiful cars, boats and mansions, and there seems to be no real work, the first thing they need to look at is your bank account. In the entire management structure of most banks, a bank manager cannot prevent them from doing so.

Moreover, the banking industry is not a stubborn criminal. If the Fed does start questioning him, he will sing like a canary and reach an agreement for himself.

I have a check on the Bridge Bank in Montana. Can I cash a check at another bank in another state?

Well, even if we live in cultural stagnant water, deer, antelope, and elk are more than humans, even if we have to go to the post office to make a call, the check issued at Bridger Bank will be with JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America. The same as the legal currency issued by Wells Fargo or any other national bank.

What is the difference between a designated bank, a consulting bank, a negotiating bank, a reimbursable bank and a confirming bank?

I will give an answer based strictly on his role in the documentary credit transaction. In addition, there are many other bank roles in this transaction, but I will define the role you are asking for.

Confirming bank: A bank that is added on the basis of the promise or commitment of the issuing bank to ensure that the exporter will receive payment. Usually, this is done if the exporter wants to circumvent the country’s risk, or if he is more willing to accept the guarantee from such a bank. If the issuing bank is different from the confirmation line, the letter of credit is confirmed.

If the issuing bank is also a confirming bank, it is an unconfirmed letter of credit.
Notify the bank: This is only a notice (notice) that the exporter’s letter of credit has been issued by the importer.
Negotiating bank: Once the payment from the confirming bank is received, the exporter is authorized to pay the required documents.
Reimbursing Bank: A bank that can claim repayment after payment or negotiation to the bank.
Designated bank: A bank selected in a letter of credit transaction to be entitled to pay or issue a deferred payment commitment or accept a money order
Note: The letter of credit is not only used for import and export, where the importer refers to the buyer and the exporter refers to the seller.

The following are the Banks in Montana & Idaho in the United States of America (USA).

Banks in Montana

Banks in Montana URL
First Interstate Bank
Stockman Bank
First Security Bank
Rocky Mountain Bank
Glacier Bank
American Bank Montana
First National Bank of Montana
Western Security Bank
Yellowstone Bank
Big Sky Western Bank
Family Of Banks
Valley Bank of Kalispell
The Trust People Inc.
Western Bank of Wolf Point
State Bank
American Federal Savings Bank
First Citizens Bank
Bank of Baker
Bank of Bozeman
Bank of Bridger
Bank of The Rockies
Basin State Bank
Beartooth Bank
Belt Valley Bank
Citizens State Bank
First National Bank & Trust Company
Heartland Bank
Midwest Independent Bank
Ravalli County Bank
Ronan State Bank
Teton Bancshares
The Business Bank of St. Louis
Three Rivers Bank of Montana
West One Bank
1st Financial Credit Union
1st Liberty Credit Union
Avanta Credit Union
Badlands Credit Union
Bear Paw Credit Union
Billings Credit Union
Bitterroot Community Credit Union
Butte Community Credit Union
Central Communications Credit Union
Community 1st Credit Union
Daniels-sheridan Credit Union
Deer Lodge County School Emp Credit Union
Edtech Credit Union
Elkhorn Credit Union
Energcomm Credit Union
Fallon County Credit Union
Fort Peck Community Credit Union
Froid Credit Union
Gateway Community Credit Union
Glendive Bn Credit Union
Glendive P E Credit Union
Great Falls Teachers Credit Union
Helena Community Credit Union
High Peaks Credit Union
Homestead Credit Union
Kootenai Valley Credit Union
Lincoln County Credit Union
Mccone County Credit Union
M D U Employees Credit Union
Mile High Credit Union
Miles City Credit Union
Missoula Credit Union
M M Employees Credit Union
Montana Credit Union
Montana Educators Credit Union
Montana First Credit Union
Montana Health Credit Union
Montana State Hospital Credit Union
Mountain West Credit Union
Park Side Credit Union
Ravalli County Credit Union
Richland Credit Union
Rimrock Credit Union
Rocky Mountain Credit Union
Seg Credit Union
Sky Credit Union
Southwest Montana Community Credit Union
St Pats Employees Credit Union
Summit Credit Union
The Family First Credit Union
The Heritage Credit Union
Trico Community Credit Union
Valley Fcu of Montana Credit Union
Whitefish Credit Union Association
Wolf Point Credit Union

Banks in Idaho

Following are the Banks in Idaho in United State of America (USA).

Bank URL
Home Federal Bank
First Federal Savings
Panhandle State Bank
Twin River National Bank
Bank of Idaho
D. L. Evans Bank
Beehive Credit Union
Boise U S Employees Credit Union
Desert SAge Credit Union
East Idaho Credit Union
Health Care Idaho Credit Union
I.c.e. Credit Union
Idadiv Credit Union
Idaho State University Credit Union (ISU)
Idaho United Credit Union
Idahy Credit Union
Kamiah Community Credit Union
Latah Credit Union
Les Bois Credit Union
Lewis Clark Credit Union
Magic Valley Credit Union
Mountain Gem Credit Union
Payette River Community Credit Union
Pine Tree Community Credit Union
Pioneer Credit Union
Pocahy Family Credit Union
Pocatello Railroad Credit Union
Pocatello Simplot Credit Union
Pocatello Teachers Credit Union
Potlatch No 1 Credit Union
Scenic Falls Credit Union
Sei Us Employees Credit Union
Simplot Employees Credit Union
Snake River Credit Union
Statesman Credit Union
Trugrocer Credit Union
Valley Community Credit Union
Westmark Credit Union
White Pine Credit Union
Panhandle Public Employees Credit Union
Shoshone County School Employees Credit Union

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