Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice

We suffer a great loss and will protect the rights of legal copyright owners.

If you are the owner of Copyright of the content to appear in our attention to the place, and not from the authority of the use of content, it is necessary to inform us in writing to you, as they say, with due regard for can identify the as he is contented, and do exploits.

If it is not required to provide information to us and we do not act, if you feel that you have the material or infringing the Copyright violated, please provide this information to the Copyright Agent in writing:

1. The physical or electronic signature) is authorized for the exclusive right of the infringement, since the owner to act human.

2.) claimed to have been recognized in some legal work or, if you have more information on the works of the law on an online site, must be provided for such a list to the worksite.

3) the same material claimed, without infringing on the subject matter and will act to remove or stop the use of materials, as well as reason enough to allow us to find information about the material.

4) allowed us sufficient contact information to the claimant as an address, telephone number and email address (if any) can contact the claimant.

5) I believe the fact that he might sincerely way to a complaint of this material without the copyright owner, agent, or the law.

6. Information is accurate) called for information, and subject to the penalty of perjury stating that the claimant is not the owner is authorized to act with exclusive rights allegedly violated.

Notice has been thrown into the road to the designated agent;
DMCA acting Email [email protected]

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