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JP Morgan Online: We are always focused on improving the customer experience. All products are easier to become Chase customers. More and more experiences are digital, online or mobile. In 2018, more than 1 million customers opened a check or savings account digitally.

Questions regarding JP Morgan Online are from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, or Monday to Friday from 1-877-840-0723 or 1-312-954-2008 privately Banking online support From 8:00 am Friday to Eastern Standard Time, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to Eastern Standard Time.

JP Morgan Online: Consumers and community banks

CCB serves consumers and businesses through bank branches, ATMs, digital (both online and mobile) and telephone banking.

CCB is divided into customer and commercial banks (including customer bank/asset management and commercial banks), mortgages (including residential disposal production, residential disposal couplings, asset portfolio), credit card and merchant services. Customers and commercial banks provide deposit and investment products and services to customers and provide disposal, deposit, cash management and payment solutions for SMEs. Mortgage includes mortgage initiation and service activities, mortgage and mortgage portfolios. Cards, merchant services, and cars issue credit cards to consumers and small businesses, provide payment processing services to merchants and initiate and service car loans and leases.

In 2018, the institute shared valuable insights and insights on:

• Local business activities. Leveraging 4 billion credit and debit card transactions from approximately 7.7 million customers, it provides an unprecedented understanding of the US online economy. transaction. -Folk merchants;

• Trends in family self-funded healthcare spending from 2014 to 2017.

• Online platform development and evolution

Investigate the economy, its size, key segments, characteristics, and how platform revenues are included in household income.

• Understand the challenges, opportunities, and life cycle of US SMEs by analyzing 1.3 million SME revenues and cash flows.

• Institutional trading behavior in the foreign exchange market is linked to three events that led to the largest daily volatility of related currencies over the past 20 years: Brexit, 2016 US Presidential Election, Swiss The decision of the Swiss National Bank to withdraw the currency franc floor; and

• Tax refunds earned by Americans based on income and other demographics, Takeda’s $ 82 billion acquisition of Charles, IBM’s $ 34 billion Red Hat acquisition, Walmart’s $ 16 billion acquisition, etc. Flipkart, India’s largest online trading retailer.

Ranked # 1 in wallet share in debt and equity capital markets, raised over $ 475 billion to global customers. Led an outstanding initial public offering

(IPO), including AXA Equitable

Holding company, the largest insurance company in the United States

Targeting initial public offering and Siemens since 2002

Healthineers, biggest health care

First public offering in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Providing investment banking services to customers around the world, it generated a $ 7.5 billion fee and established the number one position in the market for the 10th consecutive year. In fact, in the fierce competition in a relatively healthy economic environment, Global Investment Bank has the highest share since 2009 with an 8.7% share.

Despite year-end trade market disruption, we are a leading provider of institutional liquidity, reporting $ 19.6 billion of full-year market revenues, up 6% from 2017. Inequity, we achieved a record annual record revenue of $ 6.9 billion, up 21%. Our cash equities, equity derivatives, and premium finance businesses each gained market share and achieved double-digit revenue growth each year.

Investment in human resources and technology has improved execution capabilities and significantly increased customer balances and transaction volumes. In the past five years, our stock business has earned more than the top three competitors.

Even in the case of market turmoil in the fourth quarter, annual performance remained strong.

Again, there is a tendency to gain share by reducing business cases. Treasury services tend to outperform competitors and increase company-wide revenue to approximately $ 9 billion. Since 2016, interest rates and trade deposits have increased by 9%, which contributed to our performance.

In the future, financial services will benefit from recent decisions to operate.

Corporate and investment banks

The Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB) recorded a record year in 2018, setting a new benchmark of $ 11.8 billion against revenues of $ 36.4 billion and ROI (16%).

JP Morgan is a safe place for customers in a mixed market, and today, 10 years have passed since the 2008 financial crisis. We are a safe haven as we advance the industry through innovation and technology.

Last year and the past decade, our business is working well, working hard, investing, and believe that a complete global product helps customers meet their evolving financial goals.

As customers grow in size and complexity, customers need financial partners who can provide the necessary funding solutions wherever they are, whatever they want to offer.

Last year was particularly active in M & A and the stock market. Advised on over $ 1 trillion M & A deals, including major deals announced in 2018.

My house

For customers who want to buy a home with us, we make it easier and faster. Our digital fulfillment process is more convenient than a written process. Up to 20% faster, can be run anywhere online, and customers can monitor the progress of the entire process. Customer satisfaction has reached a record high, but there is still room for simplification and improvement.

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