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Terms of Use meeting

Please read this requires consideration of the situation and condition, as your visit.

Use Read and accept terms of the law, and take the place of the privacy policy is a website that gives you access law, resell, trade, interact, or in any way necessary to interact with the right conditions. The page must be transferred to confirm the like. Has nothing to do with the distinction being made between this Agreement and any one of the visitors, the formation of, that had been promised, warranties, or hath he no heir of all things, and is said to be appointed to enforce, for each effect.

The use of the secret of my advice: for he that receiveth, not my words, unless the minds of all, and must approach the to read, or otherwise use the Site personnel.

Through a proxy, the means are ordered, customers, business service providers, publishers, advertisers, or in any interactive way, in the name of and on behalf of the website the internet, it seemed, the approaches, and the use of, even if they occur with the business is in you of a truth there is no secret counsel, and the counsel of the use of this site. Among other plans, any changes to this Agreement, or do these references or references from Ben stood alone will not do the merger.

All human beings are under the age of 18 years for this site. If you are under 18, you can access any manner, by law, an interest in this site or its content. This site is specifically denied access to any personal Online Privacy Act of 1998 (COPA) covered.

Delicatissimi sit reserves and another viewer any reason to refuse. Privacy Policy | out from under the words, with the intention of to accept the conditions, the awareness of the site, he grants what, troubleshooting and other things which they gathered and it was given is a set of objectives.

The terms of the contract may be from time to time. This site allows you to view that it was not possible visitors have a corresponding obligation not to understand the situation changes.

Terms of Use parts of the meeting

Visitors, viewers, users, subscribers, members, affiliates, customers or resellers (collectively referred to as a “guest”) This is a party. This website and its predecessor, the site owners and / or operators are parties to this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Site”). Visitors understand and acknowledge that replaces the terms of this site and all protocols to exceed all visitors, including but not limited to electronic site visitors, which is located on the visitors’ Terms of Use Privacy Policy or other legally binding agreement proposed.

This site visitors to reject whatever local electronic protocols, including conditions, but is not limited to the visitors and end. And this agreement in all the parts. Proposed contract or anything else that some visitors to the site have the words of this agreement, represented faith, trust, or action is said not to have any effect. All visitors, including resellers, media partners, joint venture partners, publishers, advertisers and for any and all online marketers user access or in any way visit the website, there are released, nor can any contract or without the consent of the parties, written consent and without agreement at the end of this website.

Use of this information in the site

Except that went into this website and said written contract, otherwise the visitors, viewers, subscribers, members, members or customers can not properly use this information for commercial or public, who have the right to broadcast the store, save, print, or publish Sell we are not content with the portion of information of this site. While examining the content on this website, and in this way we are giving thanks, and consents to the conditions of viewing, that anyone will suppose the use of it is illegal, and I will make of thee in a matter of civil and criminal questions. The same right is not any reason visitors to the site for use in some way or parts of it, including its databases, invisible pages, linked pages, underlying code or she can control the intellectual property. No. The visitor agrees to pay liquidated damages of $ 100,000, as well as the damages and agreed to this f. Tourist indifferentism is avoided, so that viewing it receives nor does he understand that is a condition; This is why the acceptance viewing.

Thou shalt sell me the ownership or use of the price of the site, nor the things which are of the law of this website.

The website and its content are owned or licensed by the website. The materials on the website must be copyrighted and protected by copyright. Visitors do not have any website content. It is illegal to use the content of the website for any reason unless expressly agreed to or expressly permitted by the website.

Provide hyperlinks in the use of TAJIKISTAN, associations, “powders” and sites

No part of this website or its parts (such as logos, trademarks, trademarks or protected copyrights) may be cited by anyone unless expressly permitted by the website. In addition, the URL (URL) of this website is not permitted to be accessed by any commercial or non-commercial media without immediate permission, and you cannot access the “framework” of the website. You expressly agree to cooperate with the Site to eliminate or disable such activities and are responsible for all losses. You are hereby losing $100,000.00 and the value and actual loss caused by the violation of this rule.

View website content

This website is responsible for the content of this website. Visitors risk running to see, read, use or trust this information. You are not authorized to receive the information contained herein unless you have a clear contract with the website. The site does not guarantee this.

We have made every effort to accurately reflect this product and its potential. Although this is a disadvantage, you can write a receipt on the receipt, but there is no guarantee that you will use the methods and ideas of this material to make money. The examples and certifications for this material are not to be construed as a guarantee or guarantee of income. The profit potential depends entirely on the people who use our products, ideas, and methods. This product is not a business opportunity and only offers advice and training on the Internet and search engine optimization. It is a new product and system, so there is no history of use. Using the main information and representatives, we made the material the first place. About our information, we have experience in products. If you want to know someone who will use our experience.

This malware relies on the site or its content to cause damage to your computer or software. The host eliminates any risk of viruses, pollution or other harmful factors.

This website is not responsible for your computer or guest software, or anyone who subsequently damages or accidentally transmits information to your computer. The audience once again sees and communicates with this website or banner or pop-up or promotion, at their own risk.

Financing bill

Visitors download information from this website at their own risk. The website does not guarantee to download computer code including viruses and worms.

Limitation of Liability

Your visitor will always waive the right to file a claim when accessing, using or using the Site in any way, including banners, promotions or pop-ups, downloads and as a condition of this Site. And any description of causality that may cause any harm, no matter how terrible or extensive, whether physical or emotional, unpredictable or accidental, personal or commercial.


The passenger agrees that, in the event of any damage to the website, the passenger undertakes to pay full compensation for the website as a condition of visibility.


The Client agrees that any dialogue between the Client and the Site is deemed to be an offer as a condition of consent. All submissions (including portions thereof, graphics or any content of the offer) are the exclusive property of the website and may be used without commercial permission without any other permission. The visitor agrees to provide the website with information only that he or she will always use the website in any manner appropriate for the purpose.


For this reason, no other notifications are required, but visitors and visitors explicitly warn that they are denied notice as a condition for their viewing and interaction with the site.


As part of the web film, which is necessary to view, use or interact with the website, or in connection with the purchase, which generated the requirements, privacy matters and the language used. If the visitor is the dominant party in the visitor does not pay the salary of a lawyer. website reserves the right to open the court’s website visitor’s discretion.

The viewer, visitor, member, or signing will not, in any case, have a right to a court or jury to arrange the session. In the general public, visitor, member, or as customer does not have the right to find out information about pre-trial, unless otherwise provided by Rules; , or, in general, they have no right to participate in all the field, as a requirement of a companion, of necessity, are the vicars of the decision; limited appeal and the judge’s final decision is obligatory.

Make restitution from the other party all the costs associated with the decision and the part of the other, between the attorney fees, collection fees, investigation fees, travel expenses.

Justice – and local – ALT

If there is anything that the acquisition brought to trial, either before or after the decision audience, visitor, member, or legal counsel, and the signing will take one and a proper than what is considered today expressed their contact information, and the city. The investigation, and if the owner in this case in federal court, the court chose his own position by the Federal Court.

Model calculations and the cancellation/refund policy

Unless otherwise specified in the request, the refund can be requested by contacting the Customer Support Center by clicking on the link at the bottom of the web page.


The viewer, visitor, member, which allows each subscriber to read the developer in the event any of your Web site a list of contacts’ status.

CONTACT Information

This is available at [email protected] the site administrator.

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